{Thankful Thursdays: Social Media}

Do you know I just realized that I skipped out on Thankful Thursday last week? Shame, shame, shame Megan! So I guess that means I’m double thankful this week huh?

Well this week I’m super thankful for social media. Weird right? I know! But, I am!! I’ve been obsessed with technology since I can remember and I think social media is one of the coolest “inventions” yet. Where else can you see the happenings of people you don’t know, instantaneously? Or connect with friends, virtually, that you lost touch with years ago? Or learn how to tie a bow tie via a video on YouTube? What about pinning an image of a picture, you found on the internet, and sharing it with 1M of your closest friends? How about seeing images and hearing the voices of those in countries thousands of miles from you? Seeing the resume of an individual who has a friend in common, of a friend, of a friend’s friend…think about that one. It’s just crazy what information and emotion can be shared with just the click of a button these days.

I know that social media does have some drawbacks. Folks have a tendency to believe everything they read and with the billions on people online, false statements can spread faster than wildfire. But I also think it really has a lot of positives as well. It’s changed the way we interact, communicate, and do business. It’s forced us to be more creative, engaging, quick, and be interactive. Its introduced the world, to the world. I mean heck some of you wouldn’t even be reading this right now if it weren’t for social media!

I truly am a huge fan and can’t wait to see how all of the current networks evolve over the years. I’m also really looking forward to what surprising new ones pop-up.

What about you? Are you thankful for social media? Or, just share whatever it is you are thankful for today.

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2 thoughts on “{Thankful Thursdays: Social Media}”

  1. I love social media because I can stay connected with clients and potential new clients while staying home with my children. I am able to reach so many people with out my feat hitting the pavement!

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