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{Thankful Thursday}

It’s the last Thursday AND the day of January. Seems 2013 is already starting to get away from me. An entire month passed and I cannot even begin to tell you what I’ve done this month. I’m serious. What have I done in January that really sticks out in my mind?

Well, we had a girl’s night at my house with my two favorite neighborhood ladies and that was super fun and therapeutic. Oh and I tried a new restaurant {new for me} Virtue Feed & Grain with my brunette better half {she knows who she is}. We braved a snow storm to get there and talked/laughed/stuffed ourselves and plan to do it again every 2 – 3 weeks because we had such a good time. Annnnd scene. That is all I remember about January. But there has to be more. It was 31 full days, there can’t just be two days I remember. Right?

And then I have a flash in my mind of a terrible week of January, which was the first real “hmmmm” moment for Andrew and my relationship. Don’t worry, nothing wrong, it’s just that we are still trying to work our way through what we want to do about Andrew’s townhouse with his ex. Unfortunately they are about $30k – $40k under on the property and the home isn’t owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, so that doesn’t really leave many options. We discussed possibly moving into the house but…I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I’ve put so much work into our house, we love our neighborhood and I’m not sure I want to step into a place that has some pretty bad memories attached. I was trying to put my big girl pants on and agree to it, but I just couldn’t. I’m too worried what it will do to me internally, what it will do to Andrew and my relationship {especially after living through just a week of discussing it}, and if I have no vested financial interest in the home, the financial impact. So it’s a no-go from my standpoint. {Read Embracing Uncertainty…I think you may now understand what that post is about}

Which leads me to this Thursday and digging deep to find something that isn’t surface level to be thankful for. It then dawns on me that I’m thankful for the experience. While it may not have been a pleasant week and I have no plans to experience that week again, I learned from the experience.

I learned a lot about letting go of things I can’t control, about my relationship with my husband, about my crap communication skills and some not great things about my personality. Like I said, it wasn’t pretty, but it was life and it was a learning experience, and I’m weirdly thankful for it.

What about you? Any revelations this week? Any awful moments that have turned out to be awesome learning experiences?

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