{Thankful Thursday Numero Four}

Ever just have one of those days where everything seems to be “bleh.” I’m having one of those days (had one yesterday as well). It’s a shame really. Its a beautiful day outside, I slept in this morning, I went for a run with my new galpal neighbors last night, I got complimented this morning on my outfit at the coffee shop, so what’s my problemo? I have #firstworldproblems (to quote Twitter). Seriously, I do! I’m irritated that Andrew made Friday night plans again. I find the people I work with/for (a certain organization that prints money) to be unqualified for their jobs and incapable of making timely decisions. I need a new colorist and I’m being bratty on finding one closer to home/work (and my hair is REALLY ticking me off lately, it needs a cut badly and a color job something fierce). So yea, I need to really take a step back this afternoon and realize what’s right and good in the world. And with that, here’s my Thankful Thursday to get my butt back on track.

Today I am thankful for the new friends I’ve made in our neighborhood. I was pretty bummed when we moved in that our neighborhood was so reserved. I really thought that I’d make some great new friends. Two years later, I’ve found ’em. This past Saturday night we grilled out at 4pm and continued our get together until 2am. That’s quite a party right? We had a blast. We all mix. We are all around the same age. We have people we know in common. It just feels right. Last night I went running with two of the gals and we laughed the entire 4 miles. So today, I’m super thankful for my new friends and I hope we’ll continue to build our friendships so we become a tight-knit little community. Cheers to that right?

So what are you thankful for?


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6 thoughts on “{Thankful Thursday Numero Four}”

  1. Tend to have these moments at least 5 ones a month so that makes you normal :-). Glad you made new friends b/c more people need to see how awesome you are!! Love you.

  2. Yep, was really depressed yesterday! Must be in the air. That is so great that you found nice peeps that you can hang with. The one thing about country living…..well you’re in the country! We are in a small community and unfortunately the only two people that share our likes, moved back into the City, albeit a tiny city, but 10 miles away from us. It is amazing how far away friends are when they are not right across the street!! I too, am so looking forward to my hair appt. It has been 2+ months since I have been able to go and Sept 8th can’t come fast enough. It is a funny thing that might make you giggle….I now have to lean forward in the chair to get my hair washed…(OH, and just an FYI…if you lean into one of the sinks..It can put a kink in your nerve that runs in your neck…even the “very nice” salon that I go to, does not have any kind of cushion or anything to protect that!) So it is forward I go with my back end for all to see 🙂 LOL!! The last time I was able to get my hair done, this guy from New York was washing my hair and another hairdresser came up and said……”So that’s the way you guys do it in New York”!!! HAHA I about snorted I was laughing so hard!!

    Well, wishing you a Happy Friday Eve! Here’s hoping tomorrow will be filled with sunshine and bunnies and happy thoughts 😉

    1. Ha! You should take a picture of your new hair washing style, you could start a trend. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has been in a funk this week. Must be something in the air.

      Hugs and loves,
      Megan 🙂

  3. Yes!! I have totally been feeling the “blahs” this week, it’s so depressing, and annoying because I really have nothing to be depressed about. I hate when I feel like this!… by the way I had total sock bun FAILURE yesterday, hair was falling’ out everywhere! Totally annoying.

    1. Exactly! I have NO REASON to feel this way. I know I’m being ridiculous I just don’t know how to stop it! Regarding the sock bun, IT HAPPENS. Last week I could not get my hair up in it. Just couldn’t. So don’t feel bad.

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