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Valentine’s Day is on Friday, do you have a gift for that special man in your life yet? Yea, me either {laughing}. And that’s when Megan began scouring the internet machine looking for a little something for her awesome husband. Do a little search for “Valentine’s Gifts for Him” and there are some pah-reh-tay interesting things that come up. Heart boxers? I think not. A temporary tattoo with our names? Emmmm, no. Candy flavored…whaaaa? Ummmm, ain’t happening. So I’m here to give you some practical items your boyfriend / husband / dad / brother / friend, etc. may like to receive as a special little something on Valentine’s Day.

Some of these are inexpensive, some of them are a tad more expensive, I thought I’d give you options {I for one, LOVE options}. So, here ya go:

  1. The Dollar Shave Club: This is pretty brilliant and I’m bummed I didn’t think of it. You {or your man} chooses the blade they would like to receive, you pay a minimal monthly fee {starting at $1/month}, and the razors are delivered to your house each month. Brilliance!
  2. Beats by Dre Headphones: Every athlete, music icon, and Joe Schmoe I see on the street is wearing these. My husband has a pair of the ear buds and swears by them {says, and I quote, “These things are rad!”}. They are a tad expensive, but apparently well worth the money.
  3. Voges Chocolate Bacon Bar: Yes, that says Chocolate AND Bacon. I mean honestly how could you go wrong? They also just happen to be delicious. Believe me, I tried it back in 2009 and have been hooked ever since. Please note, this is a NOT a low-calorie food!
  4. Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon: All men love bourbon and I do not know why. But, they do. This is supposed to be one of the most legit American bourbon on the market. So, if your man is a bourbon guy, THIS is your stuff.
  5. Leather Messenger Bag from RockCow: Andrew has been taking the train to work recently. He has a leather briefcase, but it just doesn’t hold as much as this messenger bag would. I’m actually thinking I’m going to get this for him for his birthday. Since I’ve become the biggest money saver ever, this is one of those items on the “to save for” list. Shhh don’t tell him!
  6. The Man Can: It’s a gallon paint can filled with 100% all-natural shaving and skin care products. I’m a sucker for packaging and this one just got me. Plus it gets pretty awesome reviews on Amazon and other sites and I’m a firm believer in word of mouth marketing.
  7. Red Dot Socks from the Tie Bar: You all know I’m a sucker for fun socks for men. These are cute, inexpensive, and from one of my favorite places, The Tie Bar. Their socks are super comfy {according to my husband} and hold really well {from the woman who does all of the laundry, ME}.
  8. Ray-Ban Predator Sunglasses: These sunglasses look pretty hot on {shhh they are unisex, so if you like them you can wear them too!}. The husband tried them on the last time we were at the mall and I thought they looked great. They aren’t super expensive when compared to other Ray-Bans and they look good on, WIN/WIN!

So there ya have it, my Valentines Gifts for Him list. What do you think? Do you have something in mind for that special guy in your life?

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