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Last year while attempting to save money and look awesome for my wedding I joined a local boot camp class on Tuesday nights. The class ran through my wedding in October and the last class was the week after I got back from the honeymoon. I had been running during that time as well because it really is the easiest way to tone up and drop a few lbs in a short amount of time. Not to mention I was supposed to run the Army Ten Miler the weekend before my wedding, but knowing my dumb luck I would have ended up with a terrible injury and a cast/sling/something walking down the aisle. So I didn’t end up running the race, but I was still training.

Once the bootcamp class ran out I really didn’t know what to do as the organizers decided to take a break, especially given the holidays, and start back up in the Spring. I really do miss the gym but there isn’t one all that close to our house and the Sport & Health across the street at work is hella expensive and would me I was in DC until 8ish at night and then on my way home which is not something I want to do. So, I was searching on the internet for at home workouts and stumbled upon BodyRock.

{HOLD ON! You may have just clicked on that and now you are freaked by the boobs, butts, abs, etc. Don’t freak! Yes, I’ll admit, the site exudes sex. BUT they a) are attempting to motivate you to get your butt to look that awesome, and b) think that the human body is beautiful, WHICH IT IS!!! So keep reading!}

Some of you may be familiar with BodyRock, but perhaps there are some of you that aren’t. For those of you who aren’t is a free website that provides daily, 12-minute, workouts. They are CrossFit like in nature but a lot of times require no equipment and are MUCH shorter. They are quick, but by no means easy. They are some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done in my life. Now, if you know me, you know I go hard when I workout. I’ve been close to tears a few times during some of these workouts. And yes, the words “I just can’t!” have escaped my mouth on numerous occasions. But don’t let that deter you!

They designs these workouts for the elite and want you to work your way up to their level at your own pace. The guy and gal doing most of the workouts (Sean and Lisa) have rocking bodies. And they are sometimes hard pressed to get through the workout so you know they aren’t easy. Some of the workouts are done real-time so that you can play them at the same time they are performing the workout. This is really great if you need a motivator. Others are done one-time through and then you are on your own. I’m more partial to this framework as that’s how I’ve done it from the get go. But again, it’s whatever tickles your fancy and they have available that day.

They go through each of the exercises so you know how to perform them, and provide modifications to the exercises so you have variations based on your fitness level. Their excitement (especially Lisa’s) while they do the exercises and the workout is infectious. They also provide alternatives in the event the exercise requires equipment and you do not have any of the equipment. For instance, if the exercise calls for the use of a dip station, they’ll just tell you to grab a dining room table or use the side of your sofa. They also ask that you keep track of your workouts via a diary or notepad so you can track your progress.

But one of the best features of BodyRock is the great support system they’ve created. The folks over at BodyRock really do want you to succeed. They encourage you to participate in the online forums and their Facebook pages. Lisa, one of the hosts, even provides her meals so you can see how’s she’s eating. She even went as far as to document her breast augmentation because she wanted to be transparent with the followers and she wanted us to be a part of her journey. It really does create a family atmosphere. We all encourage and challenge each other via the boards by displaying our scores to one another (yep I have virtual BodyRock friends) and participating in daily conversation. Followers are also encouraged to submit their before/after pics to show the community how the workouts are helping average, ordinary, folks like you and me.

Bottom line the workouts will kick your ass. There is not a nicer way to say it. I scream at myself. I groan. I yell. I almost weep. I give up. I start again. But let me tell you, going back to check your scores from the beginning of the month and then again the end of the month, now that’s quite a feeling. To see how much stronger you get in just 30 days will knock your socks off.

So, if you’re feeling brave tomorrow and you have 12 minutes to spare, I challenge you to go try the workout I did tonight. I will do 8 ninja jump tucks, oh yes, I WILL.

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    1. Hey Chris – I agree, she KICKS A$$!! I started BR when she was in the midst of her last workouts b/c of the divorce/breakup. I encourage you guys to visit her workouts as well if you need a little change up. Great stuff and thanks for sharing Chris!! 🙂

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