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{Werk it Wednesday: My Favorite Running Gear}

You all know I’ve been training for the Ragnar so I thought I’d share with you my favorite running gear.

Let’s start out with socks. The first thing you should know is that I am a sock connoisseur. Like annoying and obsessive about my socks. I DESPISE blisters and bulkiness (which I would hope most of you would as well). So, socks get one chance, ONE, to make an impression. Additionally after going through the washer and dryer a few times, my socks start to lose their luster. So I throw them out. Believe me, I realize this is an expensive habit. Especially when buying $10/pair socks. But your feet will make or break you when you are running so I think its justified. I used to be a huge Balega fan. I still am, I just found two pair recently that have been rocking my world for long runs. SmartWool PhDs and Swiftwick Performance Zeros.

Next, running shorts. I have this sort of weird problem where I have goosebumps the entire time I’m running. Its bizarre and kind of cool at the same time. However, it also means that I’m prone to rashes on the front of my thighs where I shave my legs. Additionally my thighs touch. Yep, I’m admitting that. So because of these two factors I’m pretty picky about shorts as well. I tried to go with the Target running shorts at first, but they just didn’t work for me. The waist is weird, they ride up, the material makes me hot, the liner doesn’t sit right, just not for me. Then I found the Under Armour running shorts and loved loved loved those. Until I found the Roga Short by Oiselle. And then…they changed the cut of the short. Why would you do that? So my new favorite is the Athleta Lap Short. It’s a really great cut, and allows for breathing in the leg area. The lining doesn’t rub and it doesn’t ride up at all. It’s a really comfortable short. It feels a lot like the first version of the Roga I purchased, so that’s probably why I purchased two pairs.

The only shoe I wear is the Mizuno Wave Rider, end of story. Yes, they messed up the 14, but they’ve picked it back up with the 15 and I will stay ever faithful. The shoe lets you feel the road beneath your feet, has great room for toes, and does a great job of absorbing the force put on your heels. Plus they have super fun colors and let’s be real, what girls really care about is the color of their shoes. I. Love. Mizunos.

And the last item on the list, running tops. Tops are hard for me because I like support, but I don’t like too much support. Meaning, I don’t want a shirt to replace my sports bra. I like wearing a sports bra and then wearing a tank or short sleeve over top of it. I don’t know why, I just do. The one thing I will specifically search for, as it relates to running tanks, is the seam under the arm. When I first started running I couldn’t find a top that didn’t cause me to rub my skin raw under my arm on a 6+ mile run. I’ve had pretty good luck recently because I won’t even buy tops that have that seam. I don’t have one particularly favorite top. Funny, I just realized that. I really don’t. I’ve been such a weirdo buying tops that I’ve made sure none of them have those weird seams. Which, quite honestly, you are designing women’s running tops. Why would you put a seam under the arm, where her arm would rub, while she is running? Baffles the mind. Anyway, I put together a little montage of my faves in the pic above and included links all within this post on how to find the items I mentioned, BUT if you have any questions or want advice, feel free to leave me a comment.

Any running gear faves you like to add to the list?


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6 thoughts on “{Werk it Wednesday: My Favorite Running Gear}”

  1. Spi-belt…it doesn’t bounce, lightweight and will carry your phone, a gu, and id/cash. http://www.spibelt.com/

    I always wear compression shorts instead of running shorts for the rubbing thighs and riding up factor. Under Armour all the way.

    My socks are Thorlo Experias….I was really used to wearing the thicker Thorlo socks because I need the cushioning, but I found these thinner sisters. Love them.

    My favorite sports bras are the Champions from Target (wider bra strap). I think they’re super comfy and a good price and I have a ton of them in different colors.

    Great post, MM! Good luck on your Ragnar!

    1. Love the recs Homey!! The Champion SBs are my favorite ones as well. Andrew thinks I’m cheap, but I think they are awesome! The Thorlos give me blisters but Andrew loves them. We were JUST talking about compression shorts this weekend. I’m starting to think it might be a good option. I totally forgot to include my Nathan Hydration belt – I love mine. Hate the other one I have, it always slips. I’ll have to look at the name of it when I get home.

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