Why I {Mostly} Stopped Shopping at Walmart

Why I Stopped Shopping at Walmart |

Oh Walmart. Do remember the first time you walked into one? How about the first time you walked into a Super Walmart? Not a Supercenter, an actual Super Walmart? We have the third largest Walmart on the East Coast here. It’s huge. Like, ginormous {I’m not sure that’s a word, but I use it a lot}. I mean you can find ANYTHING in Walmart. Anything. Not to mention it is cheap. C-H-E-A-P. When we made the move from Northern Virginia to a more rural area, I didn’t have the luxury of having 4 grocery stores in a 2 mile radius any longer. The closest place to get groceries was a Walmart Supercenter. Not that huge one I mentioned, we have a bazillion other ones. Now, don’t get me wrong we have Wegman’s, Giant, Food Lion {gross}, ALDI, and a few others. So, clearly there is no shortage of grocery stores for me to choose from. But it involves driving a little bit further to get to those. So purely from a convenience perspective, I would go to Walmart, which is 5 minutes from my house {NOT an exaggeration}.

But about two years in, I just lost it with Walmart. And here’s why:

  1. It Takes Forever to Checkout: Why are there never enough cashiers? Why are the lines always so long? WHY? It is no different in any other Walmart either. If I go to a Walmart when visiting my parents, 2.5 hours away, same deal. Visiting my sister in Georgia, same thing. Florida you ask? Why yes, same long A$$ wait. For what? Even the “Express Checkout” has a line 10 deep. I asked other people because I thought maybe it was just me. Nope, everyone else agrees as well. It does not matter what time you go to Walmart you are going to wait to checkout. And not just wait, like WAIT. There will always be at a minimum 4 people in front of you at any given time. And it’s not like these people have 5 things in their cart. Noooooo. These carts are filled to the brim! It gives me anxiety just thinking about it. I’m sorry, I don’t care how cheap that can of corn is, I’ll spend 10 cents more at Giant and checkout 10 times faster. Oh and the cashiers are slow. Like molasses. I don’t think they get scored like the Target cashiers do. Not to compare, but I know the Target cashiers are scored on how quickly their transactions are completed. Perhaps Walmart should start employing such practices if they don’t already. Not a sermon, just a thought.
  2. Everything You Need is in The BACK of the Store: I see you Walmart. I know what you’re doing. You WANT me to walk past every single item in your store to get the essentials. I’m not dumb. But please read item number one above. This isn’t helping your case. Nothing about your store is fast. Why do the bread, milk, eggs, cheese, wine, chips {yes, those are essentials} need to be in the VERY BACK? And not just the back, THE LAST ROWS in your big huge store? Do you know how much time it takes for me to grab some milk and then checkout? Do you? Have you done some secret shopping and tried that? How about trying that with a kid in your cart. Oh that’s fun…or not. Don’t make go all over kingdom come for the essentials. Not cool Wally World, not cool.
  3. Produce Goes Bad Before You Even Get to Your House: The produce blows. My bananas go bad in a few days even if they are green when I bring them home. Strawberries always get rotten in a day or two. Watermelon is never delicious. The avocados – YUCK. Either picked too early or moldy. They never have red onions, why don’t they have red onions? Shallots? I’m so funny, I can’t believe I even asked for those. The produce guy didn’t even know what they were. Lort! It’s just…ugh… the produce is bad. I don’t like to spend money on fresh fruits and vegetables for them to go bad in less than 4 days. Which leads me to my next reason…
  4. The Meat Isn’t Good Either: The steaks are so chewy, no matter which cut you choose. So chewy – like eating bad calamari. The last two times I bought their “brand” of chicken thighs, they were funk in two days. I will say the ground turkey isn’t bad. But, I really have no interest in going to multiple stores to buy my groceries – I don’t want to buy canned goods here, fruit there, meat over here. SO. MUCH. WORK.
  5. Shopping Cart Corral? May the Odds Ever Be in Your Favor: I’m not a lazy person. I’ll actually park further out so I can get more Fitbit steps {don’t judge me}. So clearly I have no problem walking a little further to get to the store. That being said, the last time I was there I had to walk over two rows to put my cart away. I navigated my cart, between cars in two rows, with my kid in the cart, to drop off the cart, after unloading my groceries, to walk back to my car…I mean just visualize that. Just put a dagon corral on every single aisle, on each side, in multiple places. Problem solved. Look at the big brain on me!!!

So that’s that, I just got over it. It took too much time, too much work, and not enough ROI. I found most grocery stores were willing to price match any advertised price {like some of the great deals they have on bulk meat purchases}, and really a penny or two on off-brand canned good just isn’t enticing enough for me. To top the whole thing off I started talking to the employees during checkout. They aren’t happy. I get it, it’s customer service. The general public aren’t generally enjoyable folks. But it was more of the policies they told me about, they aren’t very nice/good to their employees {especially around tenure, overtime, and holiday pay}.

I won’t say that I’ve stopped going all together, because that would be a fib. The other day we needed one more bag of mulch and I didn’t feel like driving 15 minutes to Lowe’s, so I sucked it up and got it at good ‘ole Walmonster. I have those instances a few times a month – I don’t hate on them for it. They ARE convenient. But, I just made the decision that my grocery shopping {and most other shopping} would no longer be done at Walmart.

Am I alone? Does anyone else feel this way?

Hugs and Love from

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2 thoughts on “Why I {Mostly} Stopped Shopping at Walmart”

  1. I actually try and shop at Walmart when I can. Not for fresh food, mind you. You should have known better than that. NEVER buy meats or fruits or anything fresh (except milk) at Walmart. Though the milk is never a price savings, so there’s no point. But for the canned food, chips, blah blah essentials, definitely good bargain as you said. Of course I don’t go there JUST to get the canned food, it’s usually because I need something for the kids – diapers/wipes/clothes (since they don’t care about name brand right now) and even gifts for the parties they go to. $5 Barbie knock-off? Ok. Works for me! Or I need shampoo or soap, yep, I’ll grab that too. I agree on the lines, they are always long and I don’t know why. But given the chance, I will definitely stop on by, especially the new one by my MIL 🙂

    1. I can’t argue with you, everything is so inexpensive. It’s hard to pass it up! I’m not kidding when I say it’s my parents’ favorite store. It is. NOT KIDDING! I know I probably sounded snotty, but it all just became too much of a hassle AND I felt like I was wasting money because everything kept going bad and didn’t taste good. So, you know I continue my Amazon Prime addiction and grocery shop at Giant 🙂

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