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{Free I ♥ WVU Printable}

Free WVU Printable |

If you didn’t know, I married a Mountaineer. Yes, Andrew was not only born in West Virginia, he went to West Virginia University {WVU}. AND He played soccer and ran track for WVU as well. He’s such a stud muffin. I was supposed to go to WVU, but my financial aid fell through and I wasn’t about to be $100K in debt for undergrad. Needless to say, given the previous facts, we love us some Mountaineer Football. Basically we just love WVU in general. We’re hopeful our child will also love it enough to make the decision to go there when he/she is making the monumental decision of where to go to college. Tomorrow is game-day!! WVU is playing William & Mary so it shouldn’t be a terribly tough game, but it’s the first college-football game of the season for the Mounties, so we’re excited.

In honor of game day, I made a free 5×7 I ♥ WVU Printable. I’m actually thinking of making this into a t-shirt I can wear on game days. Fun right? Might even get it printed on a onesie for the little one. I know, I know, WVU crazy and we need to chill out right? Hey, we’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how ’bout you???? {Sorry I’m not Sorry, that was the collegiate cheerleader in me coming out.

So anyhoo, here ya go: Download the Free 5×7 I ♥ WVU Printable

Hope you enjoy!!

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2 thoughts on “{Free I ♥ WVU Printable}”

  1. Printing this for my dad who is a WVU Alum (he is turning 82) and my daughter who will be a freshman this fall at WVU! I myself was a Marshall but now my dad has a legacy! He is thrilled! Thank you for the free download!

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