{The Walking Dead: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse}

I recently began watching the AMC Show “The Walking Dead.” Now, if you aren’t familiar with “The Walking Dead” it chronicles the lives of folks in the Atlanta area after a zombie outbreak. Not only am I totally addicted and dreading the day I actually catch up with the current season, it has also furthered my fear of some horrible outbreak happening in a metropolitan city, such as the one I currently reside. I mean come on, you DID watch “I AM LEGEND” right? SCARY STUFF RIGHT THERE. So yea, maybe zombies aren’t real, and it will probably never happen, but I’m here to let you know the ways that this awesome show is going to keep me alive SHOULD this all go down. Here’s how:

  1. Get a Gun, and LOTS of ammo!
    Zombies can’t be set on fire or beaten up, nope, you have to seriously hurt their brain. Meaning, they can only be killed if you shoot them in the head or beat their head in (Man that was really graphic after I wrote it, eeek). This means your best bet is a gun. And it’s not like store are going to open and selling ammo, so best to stockpile now. This also keeps you from having to come into close contact with a zombie. Handguns aren’t all that accurate so I would suggest a rifle, with a scope. Because, you know, I’m a professional marksman *rolling my eyes*
  2. Fuel is the enemy. Go Solar!
    When we run out of gasoline, we’re up a creek. Even if you have a generator, it needs gas. Oh just plug it in you say? Yea no, there is no one left to run the power plant. Fairly certain there isn’t any juice flowing to those outlets anymore. Your car? Yea, once that’s out, you’ll have to siphon other cars to get gas. Gas stations all out! We HAVE to start depending on other sources to run this world. Mainly, the sun. No one can take the sun away from us…well unless you go live underground. OH that sounds awful and scary but also really safe…That wasn’t on the list until I just started typing this out. Hmmm keeping that one in my back pocket.
  3. Learn how to camp out.
    I’m so not a fan of this one. I hate being dirty. I love washing my face. I love showers. I love my bed. BUT I should at least learn how to survive in the great outdoors just in case we need to make a run for it. Maybe I should start by learning how to start a fire. Like FOR REAL learn how. Not just rubbing two sticks together or using a Coleman fireplace lighter! *laughing* I should probably also learn about snakes and spiders and how not to die my first day out there. The basics right? I need a backpack with a sleeping bag attached STAT!
  4. Head for the mountains and/or other remote areas.
    Less population = less chance of zombie overrun. It seems to me that the more remote the location, the better off you are. Cities are a terrible place to be and zombies apparently don’t like to travel. They like to live and feed where they were created. So, if you start heading out, away from the city, you’ll have a better chance of surviving this debacle. And finally…
  5. If you come across military weapons that have been left behind, TAKE THEM!
    Now this is purely from the show, but I cannot for the life of me understand why you would run past a dead solider, with a M5 strapped to him and not take the M5. TAKE THE GUN. You’re going to need it. Take whatever you find. Food, guns, clothing, etc. It’s basically the end of the world okay so you can loot and no one is going to stop you.
  6. So there you have it friends, those are my 5 ways, thus far, I think the show is going to help me survive. Do you have any you’d add to the list? Do you watch the show? Do you love / hate it?

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